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Financial Instruments Monetization

You have been able to follow our terms and our policies seriously.

If you do not follow our policies and conditions seriously, you cannot achieve the process of monetization. Please study our every word carefully and answer it with loyalty and sweetness.

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There is a verification process to validate the authenticity of each instrument so only Clients with valid Instruments (SBLCs) who can send via the Brussels Swift System should apply. For instruments on Euroclear, all 23 or 24 Euroclear pages must be presented. Many questions are answered on the Q&A Section but for specific details, please Contact Us with the particulars of your Instrument and we would be glad to provide the steps to success.

   If you follow our conditions and our policy, we can monetize your instrument and we can use it on our trade platform but you will have to go through various questions. if you agree to terms and conditions. Submit the following documents below

This is the initial capacity document that will be confirmed by your ability.

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